Privacy Policy

The privacy of our customers is important to us. We understand that some of the information that you are giving to us might be personal and has to be protected. This privacy statement is made to do just that and also it is being created to give you the idea on what our company is doing with the information we collect.

The Collected Information

The only things that we are getting from you are those that do not identify your personality. When you are browsing and surfing our site, the web server automatically registers your IP address, the browser type you are using and the other pages you are visiting during the session.

When you order for our services though, information that is more personal that those data are to be collected. This includes your contact and credit card details, your job background and current employment. This information is not kept by our servers. They are secured by our billing partner, the authorized and trusted online payment processor.

What we do with the Collected Information

The general information that are automatically collected, the IP address, browser types and length of time used in visiting the site are all for statistic purposes only. The personal information on the hand is used to answer your inquiries if there are any and to provide you the service you want to get. You are rest assured that these personal details are not to be given to any third party but only to those people involved in the process.

Contact Us with Any Questions

This privacy statement is open for amendment if we deem it needed. In order for you to be updated, we suggest that you visit our page as often as you like.

If you have further questions and suggestions with regards to our privacy policy or on how to improve our site and services, we are very much open to listen to them. Please do not hesitate and email us at

In case you have any questions or suggestions regarding the present privacy policy or any of the practices of our web site, please do not hesitate to email.